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The only thing that they are not willing to sacrifice is honor. The Saturn-Mercury association is what governs their personality and the result can have mixed results. Sometimes they will prove an immutable determination in achieving their goals, other times they will become discouraged and tap out at the first sign of slipping. What makes up for that is their native, genuine sense of humor, spiced with just a whiff of sarcasm.

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This helps them better deal with defeat, but it is also a great tool for making new friends along the way. Choosing a second decan Virgoan as a partner will put you in some rather unexpected situations. You may want to put your priorities straight before venturing into uncharted sexual territories with them.

Another important aspect to mention is that they tend to prefer solitude for the most part. They can make for steady, loyal love mates, but you must allow them the freedom they need. No leash and no muzzle will ever hold them back. Virgo Decan 3: September 14 th — 22 nd This is the decan where Taurus will make its presence noticed and the effects will quickly show. Having a bull to moderate their changing nature, Virgoans will show more determination and more will power, as well as a higher dose of persistence, sometimes to the point of becoming annoying.

No excuses, no breaks, no complaining.

Virgo Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

But what is determination without an unbreakable and immutable positive state of mind? Worry not, for third decan Virgoans are the epitome of positive thinking, mental and intellectual stability and optimism. Nothing seems to be too hard or too complicated.

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Apparently, everything is within their reach. All it takes is just a little bit of commitment, a little bit of sacrifice and a little bit of hard work and every goal is doable. In terms of mental determination, Third Decan natives are the superheroes of their world, with or without a cape.

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  8. Combining their otherworldly inclination towards optimism with a surging dose of realism makes for one fulminant recipe for a satisfying, fulfilling life. Generous and loving, they make for perfect parents and ideal lovers. They are able to endure many sacrifices in the name of love, so long as you stay true and honest. They will see right through you and will abandon the boat as soon as the betrayal is sensed.

    Love one with all of your heart and he will love you with all of his in return. Modesty is one of their best traits, but they can sometimes be too self-deprecating.

    Virgo Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

    The Sun rules this decan in the Chaldean system, but its brightness is used not to shine for itself, but rather to throw the spotlight onto the talents of others. Sun Virgo 1 feels it is their duty to elevate the less fortunate and with these underdogs they have infinite patience.

    Decanates /Decans of Virgo (TIME STAMPED)

    However, when it comes to their personal life it can be quite a different story. The criticism is meant to be constructive and is done out of love and care, but offense is often taken if the partner is very sensitive. The problem is also that Sun Virgo 1 expect their partners to be their equal in terms of perfection.

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    Virgo Sun 1 can punish themselves too severely if they fail to make the grade, and again those closest to them can also bare the brunt of this frustration. This decan has to beware of becoming the opiate for those that it helps and totally draining themselves in service to strangers. Though their devotion is admirable, Sun Virgo 1 often finds that they have no tolerance left in caring for their own family. Relationships can suffer because of this and sometimes these folk find they are better off alone.

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