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Dec 24, Pisces Horoscope. Adhering to romantic principles could cause you to be seen as a proverbial stick in the mud, but you're unlikely to budge – and .
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The Moon's move into your sign can alleviate some of your uncertainty. The Moon will transit your sign through to Friday, and you can be seeking to start fresh, turning over a new level on an emotional level. Get your unique Personalized Horoscope for the year ahead—over pages long—for a detailed guide to your best days and your most challenging days for attracting love, career success, communication, and more.

Pisces December 2018 Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope Overview for October for Pisces:. Finances, close relationships, support, intimacy, and passion projects are in strong focus in October, dear Pisces. It's a month for settling outstanding accounts and collecting money owed. Relationships can be tricky, especially if you focus too intensely on problem areas, which is a real tendency!

Horoscope today: December 24, 2018

There can be some tensions regarding an intimate relationship, the distribution or sharing of money, attention to children, or power dynamics in a close relationship. However, there are also solutions to problems in these same areas, making it an excellent time for getting issues out into the open and putting them behind you. A loan, bonus, refund, or mortgage may come through, and a partner, if applicable, might enjoy a pay raise this month. Your spirits lift considerably in the last week of the month, and regarding love and friendship, you're more inclined to put your faith in others rather than question their motives.

The is particularly fortunate for love, communication, travel, and making connections. In particular areas of your life this month, you're feeling more in charge, especially with educational pursuits and friendships or group endeavors. New ideas and approaches to your social life can emerge and empower you. Starting with Mercury on the 3rd, planets entering your spirit sector ease self-expression and smooth out communications. Your outlook is positive, and you're seeking solutions rather than dwelling on problem areas. You find more pleasure in learning. You're feeling inspired and allowing new ideas to flow.


You're likely to learn quite a few things that will help your career and social prospects. You have less tolerance for lifeless, dry interactions and subjects. Freedom of movement is especially important to you, and feelings of being tied to a particular place or routine can leave you feeling stifled. Aim to be flexible and avoid abrupt decisions or moves for best results.

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Towards mid-month, there can be revelations related to money, ownership, valuables, values, talents, sharing of responsibilities, and power dynamics. You see a matter more clearly, and part of this is because you are honest with yourself. Whether it's an important revelation about business or a situation that calls for standing up for yourself, this is a time that demands necessary changes and adjustments. Through these refinements, you're establishing greater feelings of self-worth, value, security, and comfort.

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You're also getting in touch with needs that you were previously avoiding or too busy to notice. But sometimes your hunger stops being a tool, and starts instead to feel bottomless and blank. Sometimes your desire stops feeling like a light in the darkness, and starts instead to feel more like the darkness itself, deep enough to swallow you whole. Sometimes, the most joyful thing is to stretch your limbs, to find yourself in unfamiliar territory, to be on the move.

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Sometimes, though, better than all of that, is the feeling of returning home again. Sometimes nothing feels like enough. But this week, finally, the world might start communicating to you in your own language again. This week, the magic in the world will be just right to make you come alive.

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It can make the world seem more manageable when you can imagine a simple, straightforward connection between hard work and good results. Perhaps the most important is sobering Saturn. You could also decide to pare back on unnecessary expenses. However, with the sun and lovely Venus also moving in, this can be an excellent time to look for some last-minute bargains.

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But there are also two more planets entering this sector, the sun and luscious Venus. Over the coming week, you may find yourself at the center of any holiday activities, organizing everything and making sure everyone is happy. And your social life continues to sparkle in a wonderful way. But this may conflict with subtler promptings enticing you to relax. Finding a balance is the ideal way to handle this. Saturn enters this zone on Tuesday, ushering in a long period of spiritual seeking and meditation. Certain aspects of your life may slowly draw to a close.

Saturn leaves your career sector for your social zone. The pressure is off, bringing with it a sense of relief. Make your year! Read your December horoscope here!